Wednesday, September 10, 2014

HARMONIOUS HEARTS by various authors


An anthology edited by Anne Regan

Harmony Ink Press
Jul 30, 2014

This is an anthology of short stories by individuals between sixteen and 21 pulled together from an amazing number of submissions by Anne Regan and the folks at Harmony Ink Press.  Overall my impression was of incredible freshness, originality, and value.  I cannot help but compare the stories to those by older authors who too often follow the same plot lines and themes that become tired and stale.  Not so these stories where new ideas and new characters leap from the page.

Themes you simply will not find in adult stories are plentiful here.  Two boys discuss whether, after a year together, they are ready for sex.  A transgirl is offended when her lesbian lover expresses doubt that she is “a real girl”.  A small society of cast off robots honors the passing of the original resident of the junk yard.

I was especially impressed with the story of the robots which had a wistful air about it and was completely original.  Less impressive was a story that retold Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” with its one glaring flaw, the fact that the bit of uglifying mirror which pierced the Queen herself is not excised.  This and the other fantasy story left me cold.

That these authors tried ideas and treatments I had not seen before blew me away and made me think about my own staid, stale plots.  I will try to pay more attention to originality in the future.
Some of these reviews by Kit Moss reprinted with permission from MM Good Book Reviews. His reviews can also be found on GLBT Bookshelf. Learn more about Kit Moss at Shield-wall Productions.


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