Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Writing Prompt: Jen's Rainboww Pony Dash

Jen’s Rainbow Dash

By Christopher Hawthorne Moss

The toy ponies were stretched along the racecourse for a quarter mile, each hurrying with all their might to reach the finish and the promised bucket of magic oats each knew he or she could win.   A yellow pony was in the lead, a lavender pony with red sunbursts on his coat glaring at its yellow behind as he came up upon her.

Suddenly a rainbow pony came up and passed them both!

“Where’s the fire?” muttered the lavender pony with red sunbursts.

“Heavens to Betsy, he must be really hungry for those oats!” remarked the yellow pony.

They rushed on, but neither pony nor any of the ponies behind them could catch up.

The rainbow pony was so far ahead that as the yellow pony approached the finish line, she could no longer see him.

“How rude!” shouted the lavender pony with the red sunbursts?

Slowing to a stop, the yellow pony, at the finish line, smiled and shook her head.  “Not at all.  I think he had more than just oats to motivate him.”

There at the finish line was the rainbow pony, nuzzling another rainbow pony, whose eyes glowed with love.

Thanks Jennifer Swanson
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