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Raine O'Tierney


Giordan awakes in a hospital bed with nothing to show for his five years in a coma but a few faint impressions of people speaking in his presence.  He can remember nothing from before an earlier accident when the amnesia set in.  He just knows that he has been living under a bridge homeless thanks to something that happened to him before.

Now he is staying with a lovely old woman in her house in what sounds like Louisiana.  He knows he is an artist and practices almost daily with drawing and painting.  He realizes he has a man's image in his mind, someone he knows was dear once.  He starts sketching the man, recalling tiny impressions of love.

He finally meets the man, Shane, who is the old woman's son.  The man tells him that before Giodan disappeared five plus years before, he had proposed marriage.  Shane did not know what to think wen Giordan's response was to vanish.  Shane now wondres sif Giordan is the same person, if he lovs him, and whether it is worth risking his heart.

In the meantime Giordan puzzles over his feelings and seeks to see Shane again and convince him he truly loves hm.

Giordan as a character is marvelous, full of questions and impreessions.  Shane's mother is a Southern lady with a hug heart.  I had trouble quite keeping track of the order of events that made Giordan lose his memory, but ultimately the beauty of the story makes up for the confusion.
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